Dream Apartments…

September 16, 2014


Wow. It’s been awhile. Between getting settled in my new place and having computer issues, I haven’t been able to update much. I’m still having computer problems but right now everything is OK so I’ll try to update a little before it decides to go crazy on me again. I love Apple but apparently my model of MacBook Pro from 2011 is known for going a little crazy … with no real solution. Awesome. Anyways… I’m still in the middle of decorating/getting settled into my new place and thought I’d share some dream apartment inspiration… Let the dreaming begin…

{I love the bright, clean look of this room}

{Random pink wall? Yes, please!}

{I love the idea of a random, unique tapestry for a headboard.}

{The use of multiple rugs… I wish I could pull this off!}

{The inspiration behind some decor in my room… more on that later!}

{Kitchen inspiration… pending me not being lazy and the landlords okay with black paint…}

{Some inspiration for next spring…}


{Everything about this space…}

{Color and style inspiration behind my bathroom.}


For more decorating inspiration, make sure you check out my decor board on Pinterest!


August 3, 2014


So, I was waiting to post this until things were final… then everything happened and a week later here I am finally posting it. The truth is… I’ve always been a small town girl on the outside. I was born, raised, and lived within a 15 mile radius my whole life (minus my three years at school). So for me to think about moving 6 hours away from home – on my own – without knowing a sole – was kind of terrifying… even though it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long.

Small towns are nice. You know everything about the area. You are comfortable but comfortable is boring. Small towns don’t have opportunities and knowing everything about an area gets old, fast. I’ve really pushed myself outside the box this past year. I left my full time job, found a new great job and ended up leaving that due to a hostel environment. That left me with a part time job and my etsy shop. Although a lot of people probably see this as a negative, I didn’t usually. It is what I needed. I needed that time to really find myself after going through such a horrible time at the new job I had which turned into a nightmare. To put it simply the people there deflated me, completely. I was always top of my game in the retail world and knew what to do and when.  The travel industry wasn’t much different but I overlooked a big aspect of that job… commission. I learned that old school commission based sales people are disgusting. I guess everyone has to learn things the hard way sometimes. Oh well… I left deflated but I now realize I’m not the real person suffering from that experience and that I am better than that individual mentally and in so many other ways now.

Anyways, that experience let me figure out a lot and I might not have completely figured myself out but I know myself a lot more than I did a year ago. My job working as a travel consultant pushed me beyond my limits (in a good way at first). After two weeks at the job, I went to training over 4 hours away from home for two weeks. I lived in a hotel with 20+ other strangers including a roommate I had never met. (Yes, in ways it was like an awesome mini season of the old school Real World…) It was weird but turned out to be one amazing experience. A few months later, I was off to Jamaica for work, by myself. Up until that moment I had never traveled alone… and definitely not on a plane. Zanex in hand, I boarded my early morning flight by myself and off I went. Five days later, I returned home feeling more alive than ever! I still reminisce about that trip and hope that some day I can visit that beautiful country again!

Isn’t it weird how experiences that you are most afraid of change your life in such a crazy way. I can only hope that this next step in my life will be the same way. If it is even half as amazing as going to Jamaica or going away for a two week training… I will be beyond happy and one lucky person.

With that said, I am officially in Connecticut and will be starting my new job at LUSH cosmetics next week! I can not express how excited I am about this opportunity. I’m terrified but excited. I can not wait to explore this new place I will call home, meet the people and dive into a new job for a company I look up to.

Sundays VI

July 13, 2014


What’s this? I’m doing my Sundays post of SUNDAY and not Monday this week?! What craziness… speaking of craziness, this week as been another one!

1.// I made another quick trip to Connecticut which included some crazy storms and chocolate covered gummy bears. What’s up with this state and their obsession with chocolate covered bears? Not that I’m complaining…

2.// Crumbs said goodbye after a very long, sad attempt of holding on… and I missed getting my last Crumbs cupcake by seconds. Seriously. Yet, now there’s that they’ll be reopening… sometimes it’s okay to admit failure… just saying.

3.// I randomly learned about shark eggs this week.

4.// I made one epic dread braid this week… and then left three dreads out of it. Ugh.

5.// I stopped by my old college only to find a big hole in the middle of campus. So, this is why they keep calling me to donate money? Umm, yeah… not going to happen.

6.// I found a dead bee while running trash at work… I hope her 7 drops of honey are appreciated by someone!

7.// Finally, I finished the Mockingjay. The Hunger Game series in general was not a typical read for me… but it was good! I expected some of the twists at the end but the message (which I feel a lot of people over look) was ridiculous in the end. Ridiculously good.

8.// And who says you’re too old to draw on yourself… and dream up future tattoos that I’ll probably never be able to commit to. Aww…

9.// Went to Ithaca’s farmers market on Saturday… I hate the town I live in but I sure will miss my trips to Ithaca!

10.// With that said, I’ll be on my way to live in the little state of Connecticut in August! I got offered an awesome job for Lush Cosmetics this week and it still doesn’t seem real to me! I can not wait!

A late #tbt for #fbf… Soccer

July 11, 2014


This week’s #FBF had to be soccer related with the World Cup final games being this weekend… I thought you’d enjoy this awesome throw I’m about to perform in this photo. Also, make sure you really take in those over sized shorts and t-shirt made for a 300lb man, my awesome posture and that massive craziness they call hair… really take it in.

You’re welcome.

Anyone else have any awesome sports FBFs?! I without a doubt have a ton of other soccer/cheerleading related photos around here some where but I won’t torture you with this for the time being!

What is REALLY in my bag…

July 8, 2014


I’ve been meaning to do a what’s in my bag post for awhile now and finally decided to do it today. Typically bloggers do all the cute, pretty things in their bag and tend to leave out somethings… well, not me. Here’s what is really in my bag.

If you’ve ever worked retail then you know about bag checks. Bag checks at the end of my shift/night have been part of my life for 9 years now. Needless to say, during most of my bag checks there’s some kind of laughter because you never really know what I’ll have! Enjoy…


  • Coach wristlet : I usually put some of my small items in this.
  • Crochet Cozy : I always try to keep one of these in my bag because you never know when you’ll make a coffee run.
  • Deodorant
  • AEO Sunglass Holder : I rarely put my sunglasses in a holder (I’m horrible like that…) but I use it for little things like…
    Boiing Concealor
    Guardian Angel Charm
    Lactaid : Yes, I’m lactose intolerant… It’s a blast!
    Mini jar of shea butter : I use shea for a hand cream
  • Nail file
  • Apple : I almost always have a random fruit or granola bar in my bag
  • Cinnamon … because who doesn’t carry random spices in their purse?!
  • Two Antibacterial gels… because apparently one isn’t enough
  • Caesar’s Palace coin from my Grama who passed away : I took it to Vegas and forgot to take it out
  • Alex and Ani ring… I was wondering where that went
  • Coach business card holder
  • Eye drops because allergies.
  • Pens
  • Three mascaras… what the??
  • Natural lip balm
  • Two fragrance mists… including one full size in Sheer Freesia and London Tulips
  • Old iPod for music since music was taking over my 16gb phone…
  • Hair tie
  • Hair band
  • Pill crusher because I’m like a 2 year old and still can not swollen pills… not even my tiny allergy one!
  • Not completely picture : iPhone and Sephora & PINK coupons

Oh and I even found a random surprise…
A bee. Fun.

Sundays V… on Monday, again.

July 7, 2014


Well, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July (or Canada Day) week/weekend… I’ve been pretty busy working! Oh, the life of a retail worker! Oh well! Anyways, this week I’ve had a lot going on here… here’s a little look.

1.// I downloaded the Watch ESPN app earlier last week and I’m pretty impressed. After realizing that one of the World Cup games wasn’t available on TWC (go figure…) I ended up watching it on the app with very few glitches… I was impressed! It’s definitely a keeper for football season!

2.// I found this bed inspiration on Taylor Hoff’s IG account. Seriously, gorgeous and simple decor. I love it!

3.// Magic! is my most recent obsession. I’m not big on reggae (yea, a dreadhead who doesn’t like reggae and has never smoked in her life. You heard right!) but they are considered “reggae fusion” and I love it. They are known for their song Rude right now but I’m pretty much in love with their whole album which just came out. My current favorite is Let Your Hair Down.

4.// If I have to grab a quick non water or juice drink I might has well grab a V8 fusion and make it cute with a pink straw, right? It makes drinking this horribly sugary mess feel a little better.

5.// This spider made it through my 30+ minute drive to work the other day. Seriously, spiders are the worst things – ever.

6.// It took me over a year to read The Hunger Games. It was good but eh. Then I started Catching Fire. I got about half way and put it down for a few weeks. Less than a week ago I picked it back up with a mission. I finished it three days ago and am already at the end of the Mockingjay… but I need to sleep tonight so I’ll have to finish tomorrow. I love that I have no idea where it is going. It’s a little more political than I typically like my books but overall I’m enjoying it.

Well, there’s my week in a nutshell! This coming week is going to be a busy one so here we go…


July 2, 2014


With the 4th of July right around the corner this small town is all about their fireworks. Just last weekend the firework extravaganza began. Fireworks typically start the weekend before the 4th and go until the weekend after, at least. Each town in the surrounding area tries to make their fireworks a different night so it’s not uncommon to see the crazy, big bursts of light in the sky every night for a good two week span. Or if you live near my neighbors, you get a free show almost all summer long. Seriously. I’d love to know who the crazy billionaires are that live near by and wash away all their billions on fireworks. It’s kind of insane.

Anyways… depending on where you watch the fireworks really determines how you watch them. In the more rural areas, you’ll find everyone cuddled up on blankets, benches or in their cars watching. Then in town, you’ll see everyone on the streets watching the show. Anyways, here’s some inspiration for your 4th of July week!

0704truckPerfect for watching fireworks in the country or near a small town.

0704beachIf you’re lucky enough to be near a beach…

room Or maybe you prefer to stay inside your bug free house!

blanket     water
No matter where you decide to watch them. Don’t forget a comfy blanket and seasonally appropriate drink.
smores1     smores2
Smores… with a fun twist or fancy.
And a ton of sparklers because they are the best!

Sundays IV… on monday

June 29, 2014


This week has been a pretty steady week of events yet when I go back through my iPhone photos I didn’t have much? Not sure what is up with that. I guess it could be a good sign that I’m too busy living to have my phone out every second to take a photo? Being the crazy IGer that I am though… I’m not sure if I like it… Anyways, some things about this week…

1.// Took a quick trip to CT earlier this week. I’m convinced that all of New England’s goal is to make the most insane road system ever. I’m use to NY and PA roads. Plan and simple. This could be an interesting challenge in my future…

2.// I saved a lot of bugs. Seriously, I hate the thought of anything dying because of me. Except that THING that bit me three times in my sleep a few weeks ago. I still have SCARS from it. It could die.

3.// My 1/2 birthday was yesterday. I seriously considered making a cake to celebrate.

4.// The last few days I’ve been all about fall fragrances. I kind of blame work seeing that we’re getting pumpkin and apple fragrances in stock right now… but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the cooler/more enjoyable months ahead. (I am not a summer person – at all.)

5. // I’ve been all about at home pedicures/foot soaks the past week. (And may be currently doing one as I type…) After reading this LUSH article. I use to never take the time and this past week as shown that I need to. It’s kind of awesome.

6.// With the possibility of moving in mind, I’ve been falling asleep nightly to new apartment inspiration… without trying to get my hopes up too high. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect small city, loft apartment, with perfect lighting, all amenities I’m looking for and for a great price. Oh, I think I’ll keep dreaming for now…

Both apartment inspiration photos were from my decor board // sunset & road are from my CT drive // bug by me, unfortunately

Dangerous Breeds… #tbt

June 26, 2014


I mentioned on my instagram last week how I’ll be doing some TBT posts after finding some pretty great old photos of me! So, today let’s kick it off with a little talk about those oh so scary dangerous breeds of dogs… I’m talking pitbulls, doberman, chows, rottweilers … you get me. They’re so terrifying…


I grew up with not one, but two, dobermans when I was little. My parents had Sam and Sheba. I don’t remember a lot about them since I was so little and both passed away when I was younger too. But, I know they were both great dogs and never hurt me. Ever.


With that said, I did spend time around them and played with them as well. My parents were usually afraid of them knocking me over more than anything (I’ve always been short…). They were both outside dogs (Sam was just bat shit crazy so they couldn’t leave him inside without fear of coming home to a destroyed house! And Sheba was an old breeding dog my parents rescued and to keep Sam company they kept her outside as well.) Anyways, they have an awesome fenced in area outside and I would visit them daily, pet them and feed them as well. They were pretty awesome. I really just remember them always licking me through the fence and shaking my hand (and how ridiculously large their paws were to me!)

They sound real dangerous right… so, I did get bite by a dog once. Guess what, it wasn’t either of these two “dangerous dogs”. It was my smaller, “better for children” cocker spaniel. And let me make this clear, it was 100% my fault! I always messed with her and pushed her too far. My mom use to always yell at me, I didn’t listen… and got bite on my hand. So, it was never taken out on her when she got snippy with me. My parents held me accountable to be nice to her and that is the way it should be! You have to remember when you invite an animal into your household that it is an ANIMAL. If you teach your children to be respectful of animals and treat them right then typically you won’t have a problem.

Anyways, that’s my TBT with a little spin about how I feel about “dangerous” breeds and the ignorant people who actually believe they exist.

*Don’t get me wrong, some dogs are truly dangerous but it isn’t specific to a breed. My cousins had a Boston Terrier when I was little that had a serious mental disorder and would attack people. They later found out that its mother (a breeding dog – which is terrifying) had serious mental issues. Sadly, both dogs got out of control and wouldn’t stop attacking people so they put them to sleep after a few years. (I’m still afraid of Boston Terriers to this day!)