DIY Body Wash

February 9, 2012

Pinterest is definitely one of my obsessions lately! Actually, I think it’s everyone’s obsession lately! Anyways, I’ve been loving my DIY from Scratch board. My collection of DIY has grown to the point that I actually have them subcategorized. I think that’s what I love most about Pinterest… the fact that I can go insane with my organization!

I recently tried a DIY for body wash and thought I’d share the results! I originally got the recipe from this pin. Most DIY body wash recipes I’ve run into require way too many ingredients and are complicated (in my opinion). I have an insanely busy work schedule and really don’t have the time to run around the find ingredients to make soaps. I wish I did, but I don’t. So, that’s why I thought I’d give this one a try.

Heat 1/2 galloon of distilled water. {I brought mine ALMOST to a boil}
Shred 2 cups of your favorite bar soap. {1 bar = about 2 cups. I used TOMs of Maine.}
Looks like cheese!

Add 2 cups of grated soap & 2 tablespoons of Vegetable Glycerin.
I made sure to clean out my new mason jars so there wasn’t anything mixed with my soap.
Once the soap is completely melted into the water you’re all set.
Poor the mixture into mason jars. {This recipe makes exactly 4 jars worth of body wash.}

It takes awhile for the mixture to cool. I did this late at night so I made sure to cap the jars since I know my cats would get into them otherwise. Also, it prevents from anything getting into the jars while they cool.

And wa la! I woke up in the morning to cooled, ready to use, DIY body wash!

You can also add scent or color if you wish to do so. Since this was my first time making it, I thought I’d try to get the basics down before I started playing with different colors/scents. My next recipe I’m going to add some rose essential oil! Also, as adorable as the mason jar may be, it’s not a pratical container for the shower so I transfer about half of the body wash at a time into an old Bath and Body Works shower gel container.

Hope you enjoy this DIY! I hope to have many more to share with you in the future. Have you tried any easy, fun DIYs recently? Let me know!

Edit 5/6/2014 : Hi Everyone! I have received many comments on this posts both positive and negative. Please remember that this is just a simple DIY project I tried myself from a source I found through Pinterest. There is no need for harsh words especially due to SOAP! If the DIY works, awesome! But, keep in mind that many things can change the outcome of the soap! One thing to remember when doing any DIY is that it takes time, patience and something multiple tries before you get it perfect. From here on out, I will be deleting all negative comments (unless they are productive and will help readers with their DIY).

  • erin

    what a neat idea! thank you for the great diy! x

  • karen

    Mine did not set. I followed this recipe exactly and it remains very liquid, like milk

    • Vanessa

      I’m sorry to hear that. Mine changes as time goes by. When it first started it was still very thin. Now it has actually become very hard from setting but I just have to shake it to get it back to a good consistency.

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  • Nicole Markle

    Where do you get the vegetable glycerin?

    • Vanessa

      I find my glycerin on Amazon! Sorry for the delay in reply. Hope you found everything okay!

  • Ashley Schmidt

    Is there a specific reason for using distilled water over tap water? Only wondering because mine turned out goopy.. almost gellatinous.. I used tap :/

  • http://Pinterest Robin Barr

    If you boil water, it’s the same as using distilled. Don’t waste your money on distilled water.

  • kimmicooks

    I added two cups and it didn’t do anything.. very thin so I added another bar and still nothing. A thick residue on the bottom but not thick at all for the rest. I was bummed. Will have to tweak it more.

  • jeanB

    I realize this is a 2012 post but I’m new at DIY and it looks as though you are open to comments. Your tutorial is great and the simplicity of doing this DIY excited me. because I’m just learning to do the DIY, and this is something I can do.I will try this over the weekend and let you know how it turns out for me.