Pinterest Boards : Health

March 27, 2012

One of my boards that’s still small but powerful is the Health board. I love it even though it doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of content like some of my other boards. Here’s a small amount of a few of my favorites!

My favorite thing to pin on this board? Healthy snacks! They can make such a difference in your life style. Here’s one of my favorites: via Vanessa on Pinterest

A weight chart with a little twist. Everyone is different and some weight to height charts are ridiculous to what your ideal weight should be! Here’s one from my board: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Super creative way to track your weight! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

When you need a little motivation! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

One of my all time favorite articles and what really got me set on eating healthier this year! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest