Country Girl

May 12, 2012

Oh Saturdays! A day off to relax, enough the great spring time weather and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here but I hope everyone else is having a great Saturday! For now, I thought I’d make a quick post then I’m off to work!

I’ve recently fallen head over heels for a new style, I guess you could say. I’m loving everything and anything with a southern, country twist to it. This might not seem like a big deal but anyone who knows me knows that this is not my typical go to style – at all!

Not only have a purchases these beauties and tried to incorporate them into any outfit I can imagine, I’ve also traded my non-stop alternative and pop music for country! My typical radio stations just seem boring lately and I always catch myself turning to a country station and oddly enough singing most of the songs! And let’s not even get started on what my iPhone play lists look like lately! I actually put together a music list here if you’d like to listen.

Oh, and if all of this has your heart singing and you’re planning a wedding in the future (or maybe just love some amazing eye candy like myself) make sure you go check out Southern Weddings magazine online. These ladies really know how to show off the best of the best when it comes to southern style! Every post makes me want to pack up, head south and find me a southern boy!

And with that, I’ll leave you with a little more country love!

  • kwyver

    Such lovely picks, those cowgirl boots are amazing!