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Back to the Classics

September 6, 2012


I made a quick trip to Barnes and Noble the other day which is pretty rare for me. For one, I’ve been horrible about reading lately! I feel like I’m constantly working or doing projects for the shop or photography. I rarely let myself have me time… that needs to change. But anyways, when I do read I usually just read on my Kindle or from the ridiculous amount of books I already have. But, that day I needed to pick up some presents.

With all my friends popping out babies lately, I’ve been trying to figure out good gifts for the little ones. Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend a ton of time around them so it’s nearly impossible to find fun, toy-like gifts. Not only do I have absolutely no idea what they already have, I also have no idea what to get them. When you see the single, children-less girl standing in the toy isle clueless… it’s most likely me. My idea of the perfect gifts would be anything that Naomi or James post. I love their natural, organic, educational toys they both give their children and love every single thing about how they both choose to raise their children. (I promise I won’t go on a rant about how much I absolutely adore these two… too much. But I will say that if you get a chance check out James’ blog and how she home schools her children. Seriously, awesome.) Anyways, I know that not everyone feels the same about the plastic, excuse the lack for better words, junk that most people give their children.

So, where am I going with all of this… I decided to play it safe. Books! Although, not all of my friends may be on the same band wagon when it comes to toys as I am, they do all share a common love for making sure that their children are educated and have access to as many books as possible. Once again, I ran into the whole “What do they have?!” problem but I decided to play it safe… I went for the classics (and a few others). Clifford was possibly one of my favorites but the others also caught my eye and I decided to go with them. The best part? All of these little cuties, are pre-school books. So they are either a little more simple than the original or bound in a more durable way! Perfect! Can anyone else think of some classics that I missed?



Pinterest Boards : Perfect Gifts

April 10, 2012

Wow. So, this post took a little time to make! I usually try to pick out my favorite items on my featured Pinterest board to share… well, todays board I want to share is my Yes, Please! board which features all of the items that I’m currently loving and would not object to as gifts or items I’d like to purchase/make for others as gifts. Apparently, I love everything on this board. My tabs on my Google Chrome took over when I started to try and select my favorites. So, after a lot of time and debating… here’s SOME of my favorites!

I am loving these camera straps! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

How fun are these!! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

I’ve been tempted to order but I just can’t pick a fragrance! I’m thinking rose! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

#4 of course! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

If you’ve never heard of these before then definitely go check them out! It’s such a fun and unique idea! Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Candy, anyone?

January 20, 2012

My Friday favorite this week? A perfect gift for anyone! I recently had to put together a generic gift with a $10 bunch for a co-worker. The problem? There were 7 possible recipients of this gift ranging from 25-35 years old and could be a guy or girl. I had no idea what to get… then came Pinterest (which seems to be my go-to lately for anything). I ran into this idea and went with it! So, I present the perfect way to spruce up a money gift! I split up $10 between $2 bills, $1 bills, dollar coins, half dollar coins, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. For the box, I used an already used chocolate box and just covered it with some gift wrap I had around the house. I really love the end result and think it’s the perfect little gift for that person you just have no idea what to give plus I think it’s more fun than getting a generic card with a $10 bill in it!


My original inspiration from Pinterest:


September 20, 2011

I love giving gifts! There’s always something fun about shopping for someone else, especially when you can find the perfect items! Unfortunately, since I’ve been super busy lately I’ve had these two gifts sitting around for awhile waiting to be given! Luckily, I remembered (and had a chance) to give these to their new owners this week! I figured I’d share since the items I gave away just happen to be some of my favorite things as well!



Also, I plan to make a post soon about my book collection and my ridiculous collection of nail polish.