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Events : Reed’s Bow Favorites {1}

January 16, 2012

If you’ve truly creeped on my page then you’ve noticed that I actually run another blog (other than my photography one) called Reed’s Bow. It’s a simple blog I use to post event inspiration. I started it almost exactly a year ago today and have kept it up with different events that I run into while browsing different event and photographer websites. I started Reed’s Bow for future client’s in my photography business and it went off from there. So, why am I talking about it on here? I figured I’d show some of my favorite highlights from Reed’s Bow on a weekly or monthly post (I’m not sure which I want to do yet… so we’ll see).

 Wedding inspiration in an old bowling alley. Definitely something different!

Gorgeous cake that I found and instantly feel in love with!

More cake inspiration! I love different, out of the box designs.